Character Reference Sheet?

I had a go at a character reference sheet for this ibex dragon as I had a couple of ideas for characteristics. I used the highly articulated little manga mannequin I bought for posing and it was actually really helpful. At one point I was struggling with how to draw the back of the head with horns and ears and then remembered I MADE A PLASTICINE MODEL FOR THIS STUFF. It only has horns and ears on one side but it did help.

Here's what I have: Ibex dragon, they're like 200 so they don't worry about much anymore, lots of life experience and something of a western buddhist style philosophy. And little qualms or shame about bodies etc. Kind. Somewhat carefree.

Vestigial wing nubs. Arm hoof/paw pads with claws. Actually i forgot to draw one with the mouth open as I was thinking black maw with blue teeth and a long blue tongue.

I'm not sure I will make a costume head of exactly this design, I might go for darker colours and a bit more creepy realism,I think that's what I'd enjoy trying to make the most at the moment.

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