Handmade Packaging Prototypes!

We finally dug out our desktop plot cutter with some trepidation, after it sitting unused for years now. Happily, it worked! So I have been playing with cardstock and designs for a simple postcard holder to send out our postcard prints in.

I didn't expect the snail motif to work at all, especially with the simple card I'm using. I expected it to cut out badly or then for the spiral of paper that's left to come away from the cutting mat badly or get caught on things and tear. But it came out really well! We now have lots of little paper snails as byproducts.

I get a real kick out of designing papercraft & packaging. It's so satisfying having the machine whir away making strange synthesiser noises and spit out my designs all ready cut out and scored. There are bits of prototypes everywhere because I get really confused about laying things out to work in 3D. Fun though!

I need to make a couple of tweaks and then we should have some nice little card envelopes to send out our postcard prints in.

© 2018 by Sarah Ingram

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